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tv   [untitled]    May 27, 2013 7:30am-8:01am PDT

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things this past year was really special. i realized something was up in the season but we've broadcasted games and we'd be leading by 5 or 10 and this team had a certainty chemistry and what a combra great play off run? >> beating denver in 6 and giving the spurs all they can and doing that p that without the all stars and we're going to meet one of the guys. but second round of the playoffs it's the team that's built for a long run it's going to get alert
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better and better. and we'll do this year after year after year (clapping) so without further awe did i look at the screens here we're going to show you some highlights this amazing warrior season and a without being so prepared and the reasons so strong. we refuse to quit bringing you another season >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ this is it the a - i'm waking u.
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welcome to the news day. oh. oh. oh, i'm ready to rock you. oh. oh. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm waking up. i'm waking up. oh. oh. welcome to the new day.
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oh. oh. oh. oh. ready to rock you. ready to rock you. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ oh. oh. oh. oh. oh. oh.
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oh, ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (clapping) oh, yeah. oh, i love that sound. i love that and let's warriors too are you ready for another
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nine hundred and 82 games. i want to introduce couple of of people we have with the warriors we have our sponsor and without them a lot of things do not happy from the chief of staff andrew. thank you andrew. in my hasty forgot mine. the president and ceo so glad it have you board with the golden state warriors. and we have our sponsor. the warriors have had a wonderful season we move forward to the west coast and had the
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first mba finals in the city. i want to introduce to you a couple of of legends. a couching guys that made basketball had a m happen in the bay. hall of fameer. if i remember nazi first recognition of san francisco was an earthquake. and i want to introduce this gentleman who played important the warriors and al is in the house (clapping) i'm going to let the current
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honorable mayor but i have to give a shout out to the former mayor willie brown that you that, please keep the movie previews coming. without further adieu mr. mayor ed lee (clapping) . >> how's everybody today? well, you got to know as we were walking up this gentleman whispered in my ear what are they going to do when we win the championship? you know what san francisco is san francisco is
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warriors ground ladies and gentlemen. i will begin by thanking our fourth president and all the members of the board of supervisors. anita who loves to watch basketball. i want to thank all of you for being here (clapping) >> charlotte was our great sponsor we are on your staircase thank you. well, as you know the entire san francisco bay area is so proud of our home team basketball heroes finder a great season wasn't it? thanks to the warriors all of us the fans enjoyed the playoff for the
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second time in 19 years. the seats were filled with fans and record breaking performance by stefano occurring i didn't and 54 points in a single game against new york mets and now households the record for any single assault weapon in the mba. gosh we had a lot to cheer the warriors fans stood behind the team and gave everything they had whether there were many points on the board or few no matter how many injuries they had to overcome from the
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rebounds of andrew the basketball i double score of my brother david lee to the exciting 3 points by the veteran to the impressive plays this team is to be proud of and to build in many seasons to come. the bay warriors has been the bay areas basketball team for 50 years. congratulations to the remarkable warrior season the entire warriors organization and to the ma many fans i'd like to take this opportunity to present this proclamation to rick for
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the entire warriors organization because today may 21st, 2013 is warriors day in san francisco. go warriors (clapping) >> thank you, mr. mayor. at the board of supervisors your honoring us today. mayor brown what's our critique. i'm not sure you can pull that one off. i was told you - we exceeded
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our crowd today. but to put that in prospective (clapping) . each one of those people recommended 1.3 shots. this is absolutely been a season of transformation in nothing else it was just two years ago that the guys brought the stadium and they put out a grand plan. now you might remember at the time that was greeted with a we bit of skeptical. from the very beginning this is
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a team that believed in itself. remember that december road trip phenomenon the road for 7 trips the team won 6 to one then came february david lee became the first warrior named as an all-star since 1987. and then on february 27th we saw a moment of it at madison square garden this guy scored 54 on the nixon. then the win over the next one and the country really delivered the warriors. at the beginning of the season
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we coordinate that warriors are gotten the fact that warriors ground - we're removing the drirpgs long suffering. i'd like to recognize an anniversary one year ago tomorrow that you and i and the form mayor stand-down 0 on the pier and received you're welcome back to the city of san francisco. our heartfelt thanks to you. a year later we're a lot of closer to the dream and thank
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you. today is all about celebrating teams. but let's face it our teammate deserves that; right? (clapping) people are starting to figure out who the warriors were and then steve scored against denver and 22 points a quarter against san antonio. i need to set the record straight i can't tell you oh, that occurring i didn't if i could pick anyone to marry my daughter.
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at the risk of breaking teenager hearts that job is taken. if i could join him in standing is his wife and daughter. for me, the entire season was really summed up when something i had never seen before took place at the last game our coach brought the warriors back out on the floor after a receiving loss and the reaction is the same it's clear this season wasn't the end of anything it was the start of something special. so thank you, mayor lee and board of supervisors we're the warriors; right?
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(clapping) >> you know joe and when the other guy bought the team i've been around sports and been privy to a lot of resources but when they hired rick we're so lucky to have you on board (clapping) however, he whispered to me we now have to wear mayors jackets so we need to know your taylor. jim barnett would rock that. who knows what base bordering is? demonstration real quick.
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ready one, 2, 3. the baseboards in the house today how about a round of applause for our warriors? we have a lot to get to next up to speak to us today is the board of supervisors president david chiu. david (clapping) >> good morning san francisco are we warriors today? i'm honored to be here representing our political team our starting supervisor (calling names) we rarely recess a meeting to take a break but i want you to know that our legislative team had to come and honor the
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warriors. it's no surprise that many of us in city hall love our warriors. today wisp talking about how we think we would make a great back court. we know we're in the presence of some greatness. you're not save because you're going to be in the court next season. but seriously we know this year has been an incredible season. of basketball. 47 wins. 47 wins. (clapping) >> one of the best defensive teams and one of the most amazing balance were any player
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could step up and some of the best long-range shooting every. annoy like the 49ers at the super bowl we know as warriors fans we've got t a lot to look forward and our players are going to bloom into stars. anyone excited about the fact that the warriors might be placing at the stadium in san francisco. so congratulations to the warriors i want to thank you. the entire warriors organizations. thank you to the team and to the coach. and in closings let there be no
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doubt san francisco is warriors ground. thank you >> thank you david as a broadcaster you're looking for someone to give you a reason for a great call. i never thought i'd be using words like unbelievable and this has been a normal game for me because this guy what he do so on the basketball court he's an unbelievable shooter. we will give you a couple of of those highlights to show you the greatness of mr. occurring i
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didn't >> when i got my first pair i stepped down out and this air bubble right here make me spy in the back correspondent. and when i jumped i swear i got so high i touched the net momma i touched the net. it's the best day of my life. consumed - it consummate my dark and places that i could hardly. i wanted to be that guy to touch the rim to be cool and i wanted
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what he had. i want to fly can you take part of the way. i can reach tell me what it takes (clapping) pits pretty remarkable. to watch a player like that day in and out. mayor lee see going to come back up with another proclamation. willie you have all people know when we do good things for each other the luck and the receiving of gifts comes back. i want to make this short announcement but san francisco has been named the host of super
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bowl 50 clapping. (clapping) we'll have more announcements about that later. obviously this continues to be warriors ground. what a day, huh? how about that. you know, one the great things i had a you tend to get a chance to get to know folks i know that the i know he's had a great relationship that the tenderloin
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school. and we're going to introduce one the young students he's coming up here with the mayor he's alex mac. (clapping) >> hello, i'm a fifth grader. i'm really excited to be here along with my classmates. in my school during our welcome ceremony has us to do our best we would like to present curing with the player of the most.
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during the most he averaged 8.1 points per game. he's the first player to win the player of the month. congratulations steven. (clapping) >> thank you and thank you tenderloin school. thank you. you know, as i had a chance to look around this wonderful beautiful crowd i see such
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diversity. i see our educators from our school district and parents who are praising their families i see our labor leaders who are building jobs and our recreational and park and the commissioners in from the port our police department they're all out here in this great celebration. well, you know what they say you give stefani inch and he might take the state a golden mile. just 25 years old he's made a sports illustrated cover. for the first time a warrior made that cover for his skill and talent since 1980.
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and for those you have keeping stats in mind he's 6 feet 2 inches and into four seasons and he takes up to amasses all of us. where the warriors have gone and across the world he's going to be amazing dead on arrival to the whole world. not only does he be a role model on the court but off the court. steve's participation and involvement as a natural spokesperson for thanks usa helps to insure that men and women who serve in our armed
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services have up to the present time for education. i am remind that the warriors have a whole history and culture of excellency thank you. thank you for being here (clapping) thank you now ever since we have had steve he's led the team to the biggest success. now for the three-quarters in the single season and in hopes that his impressive skills on and off the court will continue to come.
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tights my honor to give him the key to the player. he's the number one in the hearts of everyone steve. the key to the city. (clapping) >> this is truly an honor to be here in front of you from the